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Was The Fracking Ban a Cynical Election Ploy?

The Conservative Party has been accused of using a fracking ‘ban’ as an ‘election ploy’ after admitting the suspension may only be temporary. The Government is facing growing calls for a permanent ban, as Labour raised concerns the apparent U-turn was only a part time measure in the run up to the election next month. Our future may be bleak if our Politicians freely and cynically useContinue readingWas The Fracking Ban a Cynical Election Ploy?

Fracking in Lancashire

Fracking Ban for UK

The government has called a halt to fracking in England with immediate effect in a what is perceived as a landmark victory for environmentalists and community activists. The decision came after new scientific evidence concluded it was not possible to rule out “unacceptable” consequences for those living near fracking sites. The same report (produced by the Oil and Gas Authority) also warned it was not possible toContinue readingFracking Ban for UK

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