The big things stay the same unless we make the little changes. It may be sounding hackneyed by now but it’s never been more relevant: be the change you want to see in the world…

DO Sweat the Small Stuff

In A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams introduced the concept of the S.E.P…Somebody Else’s Problem. But even the smallest act of littering is an act of abuse with real consequences and very much our own problem. The S.E.P. mindset with its tendency to minimise, deflect and blame (i.e. I wouldn’t litter if there were more bins…the council can sort it, that’s why I pay rates – I’m a busy professional with no time for such trivialities…) is the thin end of a very large and destructive environmental wedge.


The headlong obsession with corporate and economic growth, creates societies of time-impoverished individuals who can easily lose any holistic sense of their place in the environment.

Meat production contributes massively to increased levels of pollution through fossil fuel usage, effluent waste, animal methane and water and land consumption..

American Psychological Association U.N. interns discuss mindfulness meditation as an approach to enhance a connection to the natural world and increase sustainable behavior.