The following examples are both ugly AND bad but they have been chosen for this section for the fact that they exemplify ugliness in human behaviour…corporate greed, indifference, narcissism, power lust etc. Many of the perpetrators will come as no surprise.

A Chorus of Denial

Whether dismissing global warming as a hoax, questioning humanity’s role in it, exaggerating the unknowns, playing down the urgency of action, or playing up the costs, President Donald Trump and his team have served up every flavor of climate denial.


Pressure to reduce costs and the time to market means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut in fast fashion. This often results in water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste.

Australia is playing a desperate game of catch-up to make sure the mining companies pay for the cleanup after massive mining operations. But a legacy of limited environmental requirements means that even if that succeeds, the end of the coal boom will leave Australia pockmarked with unfilled holes.

The Conservative Party has been accused of using a fracking ‘ban’ as an ‘election ploy’ after admitting the suspension may only be temporary.

The Government is facing growing calls for a permanent ban, as Labour raised concerns the apparent U-turn was only a part time measure in the run up to the election next month.

Our future may be bleak if our Politicians freely and cynically use environmental issues as nothing more than vote bait.