First Video Glimpses of Eden … A Sneak Preview

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This is a story about how a 50-something and a 60-something pair of idealists (plus a Saluki named Elsie) got their first proper opportunity to explore the land that would sustain their journey to recover Eden.
These are unedited out takes so excuse the quality. It’s a sneak preview of more to follow…

Our First Encounter with Eden

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After several long months, the Welsh border has opened and this week, we were able to explore our land for the first time in any sort of detail.

This was an event now so loaded with hope and expectation, I almost held back, preferring the sweetness of anticipation (albeit the bitter and frustrated kind). What would we find? Encampments of vagabonds? Fly-tipping, Hostile locals? All were possible.

Instead we found enormous hope and potential coupled with some hopefully not too serious challenges.

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