Please check back often as news of forthcoming events emerges. You can also subscribe to our NEWSLETTER for the latest news on new activities. The following are placeholders for events and activities we intend to host in 2020. All dates TBC.


We will be exhibiting and selling a collection of our photo-art on August 5th and 6th at the Eisteddfod 2022 in Tregaron. We’d love to see you at the Ceredigion zone.

Mindfulness in Nature

A full day workshop and seminar covering aspects of meditation and mindfulness as applied to our relationship with nature and the environment. A chance to reconnect with vital energies.

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Seasonal Courses in idyllic surroundings, weekend or weekdays, covering different techniques and activities such as water landscapes influenced by painters such as Norman Ackroyd. Also drawing retreats and portfolio reviews.

A practical workshop on the use of herbs for healing. Includes techniques such as picking elderberries and making Sambucol.

Walking meditation, also known as kinhin is a preferable practice for many individuals who struggle with absolute stillness. It is also an ideal way to connect with natural rhythms and energies.

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