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Category: Our Journey to Eden

Follow us as we embark on our mid-life odyssey to recover Eden.


Photo-Art for the Planet

We are offering original and limited-edition photo-art for sale in a variety of formats. Our goal is to launch as many initiatives as our resources allow to provide ways to reconnect with our natural selves. We want to support and foster a shift toward simpler and more sustainable living alongside greater mental well-being and life satisfaction. You can read more about this in the followingContinue readingPhoto-Art for the Planet

Let’s go foraging

Even though we can’t yet live on the land, we have been exploring any possible ways to interact with, observe and nurture it. It’s an opportunity to exercise some permaculture ideas and understand its rhythms and cycles. This seems like a very good approach as several different habitats can be found within these three acres, including wet woodland, river, mature beech trees, paddock and hedgerow.Continue readingLet’s go foraging

The Nature Spectators

It’s tough waiting for all of our planning and other preliminaries to be resolved before we can build anything. We’re not even able to construct rain-water harvesting systems to enable us to grow on the land at this point. One consolation has been the chance to use the first permaculture principle, OBSERVE and INTERACT. For at least 6 months during COVID-19 lockdown, we were physicallyContinue readingThe Nature Spectators

How Much?

If I have one piece of advice so far it is to go and meet the neighbours. As long as you don’t piss them off with imperious attitude and ‘we’re gonna do whatever we want’ language, they can be a fount of goodness and local knowledge. After an uncertain start, we have found our neighbours to be supportive and helpful.

Our First Encounter with Eden

After several long months, the Welsh border has opened and this week, we were able to explore our land for the first time in any sort of detail.

This was an event now so loaded with hope and expectation, I almost held back, preferring the sweetness of anticipation (albeit the bitter and frustrated kind). What would we find? Encampments of vagabonds? Fly-tipping, Hostile locals? All were possible.

Instead we found enormous hope and potential coupled with some hopefully not too serious challenges.

Power To The People

We have to start an ambitious project of this scale with some clear guiding principles. Otherwise, I expect we will lose our way in the face of conflicting options and budget priorities. What are our core values? These will inform design choices, materials selection and the lifestyle we create. Of course, there will be some compromise; we don’t have unlimited funds – or even limitedContinue readingPower To The People

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