Rivers and streams, not stinking drains please

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Here’s a topic very close to our hearts. We’ve experienced at first hand, the inconsistency, unfairness and impotence of token gestures by responsible authorities who are afraid or unwilling to tackle the real culprits and instead pick on easy targets. In our case, small, self-builders. The issue in question is river pollution by raw sewage. The source, as outlined in the following article, is overwhelmingly from livestock farming but local authorities have recently taken a hard line stance on any planning applications for private homes.

We have a small river flowing through our land and we feel an enormous sense of protective guardianship towards it. Any suggestion of upstream corruption of water purity by slurry or other effluent, causes us rage and grief. It is plainly evident from a glance at Google earth that industrial live stock farms have spills and run-offs that end up in the rivers and tributaries. So why are they granted planning for these terrible facilities while self-builders must prove their compliance with near-unattainable sets of standards or be summarily denied planning consent? The topic is extremely well (and disturbingly) addressed below…


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