New Zealand Sets The Bar

New Zealand Sets The Bar

New Zealand parliament has passed legislation to pass its commitments to the Paris Agreement into law. This sets a target...

Giant Wooden Megaphones Amplify Forest Sounds

Giant Wooden Megaphones Amplify Forest Sounds

Architectural students in an Estonian forest designed three cone-shaped megaphones made entirely of wood. They are used as sound amplifiers to better understand...

Sherwood Forest

Let’s Try A New Way

RECOVER EDEN exists to inspire and educate. YES, this site contains some doom-laden articles full of depressing data and sobering statistics. We believe it is essential to foster awareness about the gravity of our global situation and debunk the pseudo-science and denial rhetoric. But we also believe that it is unhelpful to confront individuals only with a punitive message of shame and despair. What we need right now is hope and the belief that we can make a meaningful difference via measures that are NOT tantamount to living in grass huts and eating raw berries. THE BIG THINGS STAY THE SAME UNLESS WE MAKE LITTLE CHANGES. That is our call to action and our mission is to provide resources and opportunities to interact and learn pleasurable and rewarding alternatives that can help us live more sustainably.

Fracking in Lancashire

Fracking Ban for UK

The government has called a halt to fracking in England with immediate effect in a what is perceived as a...

Mindfulness and Climate Change

The following contains excerpts from the article of the same name by Menchi Liu, MA, and Emily Valente, MA The reality of...