Our Journey

Follow us on our odyssey to recover Eden

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    The birth of an idea

    I'm Terry, a 61 year old Australian. Mel is 55 and from Wiltshire. We both knew we wanted something different from the life of desperate conformity and relentless capital growth that has brought our existence on this planet to such a precipice.

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    It Begins...

    This just got real for us. Found some land. A nice little 3 acre block with outline planning – half forest with a river. It’s on the edge of a Welsh village near the mid coast – not the cutesy Beddgelert with the coffee shops and steam railway kind of village. 

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    What Next?

    …found a plot after numerous journeys to all parts of Wales (looked at houses, farms, restoration projects and plots). It has no services connected but it does have Outline Planning Consent for a 10 x 12 x 7 metre dwelling. 7 metres high? That’s neither single or two story….needs further investigation! Asking price was £130K. Offered £100 and got it. Yikes…game-on. Next step? Massive research into cheap, eco-sound self builds.

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