How Much?

So now the numbers start getting real. And scary. Not just the numbers but the minefield that is planning consent. We want to live cost effectively on site so we can nurture the land and oversea the build. We stayed in a static caravan for this visit and the experience was less than we’d hoped for. So we are looking at log cabins/sheds we could re-purpose for later use. But we can’t do that without planning consent. We can’t submit the detailed consent application until house plans are firmed up. First step? Find an architect with some knowledge of the quirks of the local planning office.

Elsie enjoying some rays

If I have one piece of advice so far it is to go and meet the neighbours. As long as you don’t piss them off with imperious attitude and ‘we’re gonna do whatever we want’ language, they can be a fount of goodness and local knowledge. After an uncertain start, we have found our neighbours to be supportive and helpful. I suspect it helped that we chose a Welsh name for our property…Gwynfa…but this was no done as a ruse. We are genuinely invested in immersion and understanding and it’s a cool name that suits the land perfectly. It IS our slice of Eden.

Laying a strip to drive onto

The upshot is, we received a recommendation for a local architect with adventurous ideas (if not quite sharing our view on budgets). One of neighbours volunteered to use his earth moving equipment to build a bank and beech hedge between our plots. I’ve been humbled by this generosity. What the village may lack in infrastructure (the local switching box is daubed with graffiti proclaiming that ‘decent broadband is welcome here’.) But old fashioned community spirit is in abundance.

It’s no cultural backwater either…more will follow…

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